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T-Mobile offers unlimited streaming to some providers

T-Mobile just announced a new initiative yesterday called Music Freedom. This program allows customers to stream a few music services, selected by T-Mobile, without it affecting customers’ monthly data allowance. These music services include Pandora, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Spotify, the forthcoming Beatport, and a few others. They’ll also be taking votes on their website and twitter for other services to add to their exemption list. T-Mobile is offering this free of charge to content providers.

On paper it looks great. I use Pandora a lot and it makes me get very close to my data allowance each month so being able to stream with no worries sounds great to me! However, you have to see the bigger picture.

Why does T-Mobile gets to dictate who gets preferential treatment on their network? What about the small start ups barely trying to make a name for themselves? It would be a hard sell when customers can use free data with the larger providers. With data consumption steadily increasing, small start ups can’t compete with free.

What if this isn’t the end? What if photo services are next to get an exemption? It seems like a slippery slope and not a road I would want carriers to go down. On the surface, it looks like a huge win for customers like myself who have a problem using up a lot of data, but I would rather limit myself than have a select few content providers get preferential treatment. I don’t think anyone should be treated unfairly. What are your thoughts?

My thoughts on Apple’s iOS 7

Apple unveiled their new operating system. Click here to check out the video and learn all about it. I love all the new features like app previews when you double click the home button.

iTunes radio is something I’m definitely interested in. It’s ad supported and built right into the Music app. If you dig a song so much, you have the option to purchase the song immediately right there from iTunes. Smart? You bet! Pandora recently started limiting their users to 40 hours of mobile listening a month and that’s just not enough for me! I play Pandora in the car, gym, and around the house. (Ain’t nobody got money to buy Pandora One, but you’re welcomed to buy it for me. Or Spotify premium for that matter ha.) Spotify’s radio just doesn’t compare to the quality of music played by Pandora so I have high hopes that iTunes radio will be a great alternative.

The calendar got an extreme makeover so you can quickly see what your tasks are for the day. Messages got a makeover, basically removing the glossy look of the messages but keeping the gray and blue. It has a quick control center where you’re able to change settings like turn off wifi or quickly enable airplane mode. Siri can also do much more like turn on/off bluetooth. Airdrop allows you to share files with other apps or iPhone users around you. Very convenient especially since bluetooth almost never works. Camera app got smarter and automatically puts photos into “moments” when taking several pics at the same time or place. So overall, the new features are great.

However, the other major overhaul is the user interface. I don’t like it. I feel like it looks too much like the windows phone interface. Something about it just rubs me the wrong way but maybe it’ll grow on me. It’s available now for app developers and everyone else in the fall. Who else is excited? What do you think about the new interface?