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My thoughts on Apple’s iOS 7

Apple unveiled their new operating system. Click here to check out the video and learn all about it. I love all the new features like app previews when you double click the home button.

iTunes radio is something I’m definitely interested in. It’s ad supported and built right into the Music app. If you dig a song so much, you have the option to purchase the song immediately right there from iTunes. Smart? You bet! Pandora recently started limiting their users to 40 hours of mobile listening a month and that’s just not enough for me! I play Pandora in the car, gym, and around the house. (Ain’t nobody got money to buy Pandora One, but you’re welcomed to buy it for me. Or Spotify premium for that matter ha.) Spotify’s radio just doesn’t compare to the quality of music played by Pandora so I have high hopes that iTunes radio will be a great alternative.

The calendar got an extreme makeover so you can quickly see what your tasks are for the day. Messages got a makeover, basically removing the glossy look of the messages but keeping the gray and blue. It has a quick control center where you’re able to change settings like turn off wifi or quickly enable airplane mode. Siri can also do much more like turn on/off bluetooth. Airdrop allows you to share files with other apps or iPhone users around you. Very convenient especially since bluetooth almost never works. Camera app got smarter and automatically puts photos into “moments” when taking several pics at the same time or place. So overall, the new features are great.

However, the other major overhaul is the user interface. I don’t like it. I feel like it looks too much like the windows phone interface. Something about it just rubs me the wrong way but maybe it’ll grow on me. It’s available now for app developers and everyone else in the fall. Who else is excited? What do you think about the new interface?

What The Google I/O?

First, I’d like to take the time to mention that June 18th was the 1 year anniversary of my blog. I don’t have much to show for that year since haven’t posted as often as I’d like but it’s pretty cool to celebrate my first year!

Anyway, did you guys kept up with the Google I/O news last week? I woke up early tuesday morning to watch the launch of the event live because I wanted to know all the news as it happened. First they announced new features for Google+, which I haven’t used at all lately, and these features all look amazing. Check out all the new G+ features here. The party mode feature alone is amazing.

I recall talking to a friend awhile ago wishing there was an app or place where people can all share photos or messages about an event they were all attending. With Google+ events this is finally possible. Even people who didn’t attend the event could check out the photos and everyone’s thoughts about the event and sort of get a feel for how it was. You can have all these amazing features but if no one is using your service then they’re pretty much useless. This is Google’s problem as they try to influence people to begin using Google+.

Facebook’s Events are stuck in the past. They’re focused on who’s going and who isn’t. Once you RSVP, there’s no reason to go to the Event page again. I think they should take a page out of Google’s book and add more features to Event pages. Maybe add people’s statuses to the page

I think with the right branding they can make Google+ seen as more than just a social network for tech people if they focus on simplicity. A lot of people, including myself, when we have to make lists. Or as Google calls them, Circles. I just post to the Public because I don’t really care as much on my Google+ profile but if I were to continue using it and more friends join I could want to share more intimate details about my life and those would be with close personal friends. I think that the more people use and like a service, the more time they’re willing to invest in building their profile and presence on the service.

I wouldn’t call myself an Apple fanboy but lately I’ve been greatly pleased with my iPhone and never really had any experience with Andriod. However, watching all the cool things you can do and how Google is implementing Google Play into the OS I’m really interested in trying the Google Nexus Galaxy which has pretty cool innovative features like facial recognition to unlock your phone. I don’t want to commit to any OS particularly because I think it’s good that they’re both competing. I think that having competitive drives innovation and keeps companies from being stagnant so in the end us, the consumers, win. I need a phone bad because my iPhone 4’s screen is cracked but I’m waiting for fall to see what next iPhone Apple unveils before deciding what my next phone is.

Google also unveiled Google Glasses which is cool. They did a whole stunt to show how the camera works. However, I wasn’t sold. The only functionality they demonstrated was a camera which shows me that this isn’t anywhere near finished. They are shipping meta prototypes to developers but at $1,500 it’s a tough sale.

The last thing they unveiled was the Google Q which is like Sonos only for Andriod devices. It’s for streaming music from your Google Play account. To me it just seems like another device that you don’t need. It’s social features like being able to dj with your friends and anyone with an Andriod device being able to add music to the queue is pretty cool but other than that it seems to lack features. I think this is cool added to Google TV but as a stand alone box it’s pretty pointless. Read more about these products on engdgt.

Tell me what you think about this and everything else Google unveiled at Google I/O in the comments!