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App of the Week: Yo

For the most part, the only apps I use are Messages, Mail, Tweetbot (for twitter), Pandora, and Chrome. Lately, I’ve been venturing out and decided to do another App of the Week post even though I don’t do them weekly.
As you guys know, I’m all about what’s next and being one of the early adopters. I did so with Instagram. It was my first app of the week post back when no one I knew had it yet.

Recently, I discovered this app called Yo. It does pretty much just that. You’re able to create a friends list and tap a buddy’s name to send them a Yo! They’ll get a push notification alerting them about your Yo! No other communication is available through the app. It seems pretty silly because it’s so simple and limited but I think that’s genius. It’s intriguing because depending on who it is and the context, that Yo! can mean different things.
If it’s sent in the morning, it could be a simple good morning. At noon, when you’re late to meet a buddy for lunch, that Yo! could mean “hey man, where are you?” Maybe you don’t have much to say to someone and a Yo! is much easier than sending a text. This is what makes the app exciting for me.
Yo has received over $1 million in funding and received a lot of media attention because the idea seems so silly. However, investors must’ve seen value in it. After using it for a few days, I found it intriguing myself.

It’s a cool app and who knows what the future holds for it. Head over to the App Store and download Yo and all me to your friends list. Yo me at my username mikexcore. Let me know your thoughts on the app.