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Remove YouTube, Facebook, and Other Annoying Ads

Is it just me or are those YouTube video commercials they play before a video super long and annoying? Some are 5 minutes long and the actual video I’m trying to see is only 3 minutes. Trying to see that new music video on Vevo and have to sit through some dumb irrelevant commercial? It’s annoying and I set out to block them.

Fear no longer! I’ve found the solution. Introducing, adblock plus! It’s a plugin for Google Chrome and it’s also available for other popular browsers like Firefox. As the name would suggest, it’s meant to block ads. It gathers a list of all the URLs websites use to display ads and blocks them from being loads by the browser which means you will never see ads online again! I’ll spare you all the technical details just now that it works perfectly! It even blocks that Sponsored section on Facebook.

My first thought when people complain about the new ads on Facebook is “There’s ads on facebook?” I never see them so I have to keep reminding myself that there is. 😉 It even blocks those annoying popups when visiting shady websites. So go to adblockplus.org and download the plugin now. It’s 2012, you shouldn’t be bothered with ads online!