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The surveillance of Americans shouldn’t be condoned

After reading the entire story on PRISM, the NSA program used to spy on Americans, I am a bit outraged. Read the full story on The Washington Post if you don’t know much about it. At first when I heard bits about the story, I said I didn’t mind having the government look over my data. My logic is that I don’t have anything to hide so I don’t care if they go through my silly emails or whatever if they’re actually preventing any terrorism from happening.

However, upon reading the full extent of the program and how supposedly they have special software installed on Google and other tech companies’ servers that gives the NSA direct access to all the data flowing through their servers, I began thinking where is it going to end? I know that the government gets warrants to obtain data from these tech companies but that’s when they have probable cause, which isn’t the case here. If we keep giving up more liberties just because it gives us more sense of “security” where will it end? When they can just walk into your house and “check” to make sure you don’t have anything potentially harmful. It seems far-fetched now right? But keep giving the government an inch and soon they’ll take you completely over.

They did millions of data requests according to the leaked documents and I wonder how many of those requests resulting in findings actually connected to potential terrorist activity? Is it worth invading people’s privacy? The NSA has uncontrollable power and congress has failed to act thus far. The story broke a few days ago and I’m shocked not a lot of people are as vocal about this. None of my friends on Facebook or Twitter are really talking about it. Either they don’t know or don’t care. I fear things need to get worse before they get better. Change needs to come.