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Damn Good Website: Webstagram

Everyone knows that popular iOS app, Instagram, which enables people to add a wide variety of filters to their photos on the fly to give them a different look. The only thing lacking however, is a web app. People can only use the service inside the native app. Not anymore. Enter Webstagram, a web app which hopes to fill the void of not having an official Instagram web app. It uses Instagram’s API to access your account so all you have to do is login with your Instagram account and grant the application access to your account. You’ll be able to do everything just as you would in the iOS app. You can view images in your feed, comment and like photos. What’s more cool is you can search Instagram for tags, users, or whatever you’re looking for. They also have a section called Hot which shows you what’s hot and Popular on Instagram right now!

This is an example of some of the Hot section which shows popular Tags on images shared with Instagram. Go and check it out now at web.stagram.com