Liz & Dicks

liz n dick

So today I had the pleasure of watching Lifetime’s newest movie Liz and Dick about Elizabeth Taylor’s love affair and two marriages to Richard Burton. Elizabeth Taylor was played by the wonder actress that is Lindsay Lohan. I might be a little bias here because I love Lindsay Lohan, but I believe the movie was definitely interesting. A lot of critics think otherwise, but I found it hilarious. Maybe in a way the movie didn’t intend.

The movie consists of Liz drinking and smoking the entire movie. She was all like I’m pissed so she would throw her glass or the entire vodka bottle at the wall. It occurred randomly at various times and I was always looking forward to the next. Lindsay Lohan’s tone was almost sarcastic in times when it didn’t seem to fit the script (if there was one?). I felt like I was watching a bad sequel to Mean Girls..

I feel the movie didn’t really give viewers a sense of Liz’s feelings with everything she was going through, it just seemed to focus on dramatics. The only time was when she said she was “bored” and didn’t know what to do when she wasn’t working. I thought finally the movie was shifting and expected it to get deeper but it just highlighted the ups and downs of her relationship which I felt wasn’t very showing us viewers the full picture.

The movie is supposed to be based on the real life of Elizabeth Taylor and I don’t know much about the real Liz so I’m not sure if it’s really factual but if you want two hours of booze, cigarettes, and bottle breaking then this movie is for you baby! I’m not taking it as it should be, I’m just enjoying Lindsay Lohan and glad she’s back haha. This is definitely a must watch!

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