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New Year, New Mikey

So over the past year, I’ve tried to change myself for the better. Some things I’ve succeeded at, while other things I feel I could really improve on. I won’t go into too much details as to what those things are because I don’t want to come off as those people who talk a lot about making big changes and then fail miserably throughout the year. I will say, however, that one is to be more compassionate and try not to jump to conclusions and give people the benefit of the doubt. I’ve told a couple close friends what some of my more personal resolutions are. I think it’s good to share them so there’s a bit of accountability but don’t try to over do it.

I think that writing down things that you’d like to work on to better yourself is always great. Whether you actually commit to it and start taking steps toward it or not it’s always good just to know what the problems are. The very first step is acknowledging something is wrong and should be changed. So I ask all of you to think about some things in your life that probably aren’t the best habits and this year really try even if it’s through baby steps to improve them. Always remember, you can fail a million times but it’s okay as long as you start over again. Anyone already have any resolutions? Share them!